Ricardo Zegri 2002


The blue dawn light is rising

The desert wind is cold

A speck on the horizon

There’s an eyeball on the road

Black Bart he picks his teeth

In an all night poker game

Three men lay dead from cheating

Two others broke and shamed



There’s an Eye….



The saloon doors swing open

A hush moves across the room

A round imposing silhouette

Traced in the fading gloom

He rolled up to the bar

His blood-shot body gleamed

On a splintered barstool

Drank a shot of straight Visiene



Black Bart rose from his seat

Made all the cowboys cower

His shadow fell across the bar

Teeth clenched into a glower

He said, "You’re not welcome here!"

Hawked in the spittoon.

The eyeball gave no answer

Bart cried "Guns at noon!"



The casket maker hammered

By the hot the dusty road

Made a tiny round coffin

Used a marble as his mold

The tombstone man chiseled

On a skipping stone

"here lies a squishy eyeball

without a name or a home"



They stepped into the wind

In the center of the town

Walked fifty paces and

Turned for the showdown

Bart fingered his gun

No one made a sound

He gave an evil stare

Eyeball squinted on the ground



The church bell struck noon

Bart was quick to draw

He emptied out both barrels

Turned that soil raw

When the dust cleared

The eyeball stood alone

Bullet holes all around him

But none of them struck home



Black Bart he was enraged

He hollered and he stomped

Clutched his chest, let out a gasp

His heart had finally stopped

The townsfolk all cheered

Held their hero high

Their salvation had come

From a rambling lonesome eye



They made him the sheriff

And drank to his health

But when they pinned the star on him

It made an awful squelch

The eyeball lay there bleeding

His fluids began to flow

Then accidentally someone

Crushed him with their toe



His mushed remains forgotten

In the celebrative air

He was kicked and pushed about

And shoved under a chair

And so he met his end

Here’s a moral for ya’ll

Don’t do cowboys favors

If you’re just a squishy eyeball

Chorus X4




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