Impressionistic Roses

Ricardo Zegri 2005


Stole a moment

Under the last bloom

Of a magnolia tree

With a skeleton key


Sheets are swollen

Soaked with wine

Rose petals on the bed

Yellow & Red


There’s a diamond in the sink

Going down the drain

Lying in the pouring rain

Wash away this stain


Time to wake up

Time to feel

Reach out for you but you’re gone

But you’re gone



There’s an alley between Freeborn and Wintermute

Laid down on the cold concrete


Are snaggleteeth

In the graveyard mouth

Dead flower wreath

Can feel my bones

When I scab my knee


By your eyes

Beneath me


You gotta live, live, live


Drinking free shots of "The Valencia" with Kitty

Broken bottle brown bag on the ground

Chain link fence

Black asphalt

In the school yard

Do a somersault

Tear open my shirt

Knuckles are bleeding

Like drinking whiskey

When you kiss me



You gotta live, live, live


Goose bumped skin

Under your overalls

Wanna count them all

Count em all

Count em all


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