Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab

Ricardo Zegri 2004


The waitress name is sally

She swabbed me outta the galley

Take my bottle into the alley

4 dollars worth red wine…


Here’s is…

The church and the steeple

Here come all the people

The company you keep will

Crush you in time



Foam cup of coffee

Put some gas in the jalopy

There’s a picture of Kadafi

In the Libyan embassy


Shake the…

Sand from your snow boots

Get back in touch with you roots

Tell you Dentist he’s an old coot

Jump off a bridge into a canal


Take the…

Tiger out of the Jungle

Itchy foot out of the fungal

But rest assured that your tongue will

Continue flappin’ in time.


All this…

Whiskey I been thinkin’

Got me to drinkin’

Wash my face of in the sink and

Come looking for you


There’s a…

Chance that you’ll love me

Or maybe you can shove me

Into the arms of a lovely

New York city afternoon