The Bourbon Slushy!


The Perfect summer time treat!


When the vengeful Ra turns up the heat and an Ice Cold beer just isn’t cutting through the sweat, try the delicious… Bourbon Slushy


Here’s the recipe discovered by our very own Slick Macoy


* One shot of William LaRue Kentucky Bourbon

* Three Ice Cubes



Pour the shot into a 4-6oz tumbler.  Add ice cubes and let them melt.   Resist the temptation to drink the delicious bourbon as it is watered down before your trembling eyes.  (Slick suggests pouring yourself a separate shot to drink while you are waiting.)   Once ice is melted, place in the freezer and allow it to refreeze.   (Don’t worry, the alcoholic content of the bourbon will not allow it to become solid ice.) 


Remove from freezer, mush it up with a spoon, put on some shorts and a wife beater and enjoy!