Vaudeville! Cabaret! Burlesque! Pirates!

- March 21st at the fabulous DNA Lounge -

Brethren of the coast and fellow corsairs,

Beware! The dastardly pirate crew _The Ship Disturbers_ once again
travel over the briny deep, headed home to their beloved bawdy ballroom
by the bay - the DNA Lounge. According to captain Roger That's cartographer,
there is a treasure trove of booty awaiting their return, but alas!
Much to their surprise, upon the arrival of their boistrous brigantine "TheBlack Panties"
they find San Francisco's premier burlesque performers have already planned a groovy 60's beach party on the very spot
marked with a bold X on the map! There's more booty here than any cache
of riches the pirates ever could have imagined!

Join DJ Otto von Stroheim (of Tiki News), the mainspring of mayhem MC
Kingfish, and San Francisco's own irate pirates The Ship Disturbers at the DNA lounge on March 21st for
the 60's beach party you'll _never_ forget, with performances by -

Roger That and the Ship Disturbers
The Devil-Ettes
The Twilight Vixen Revue
Ms. Killy Lee, the Pirates' Booty
Banana Peel & Coconuts Cream
Ophelia Coeur de Noir
The Damnettes
Lol Levy
R.J. Owens
5 Cent Coffee
Unicornbread and Emily Schmidt (2/3 of The Paper Dolls)
Moose (the Uptones)
MC Cap'n Kingfish
DJ Otto von Stroheim (Tiki News)

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